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Today: Paraguay vs Kazakhstan live free 13/12/2023 Streaming

And today, as I mentioned, I’m announcing an additional $25 million to that effort, bringing the total to $50 million. So it’s a long way of saying we’re very conscious of the spillover consequences of Russia’s aggression. We’re doing everything we can to minimize them, to mitigate them, and create new opportunities, different opportunities for partners here in Central Asia. So we’ve been watching it very carefully from day one. And the reason that I raised this not only with Wang Yi last week but also publicly, along with other colleagues in the administration, is because of concern we have based on information that we have that China is considering moving beyond the nonlethal support that some of its companies have been providing to actually lethal material support for Russia’s war effort in Ukraine. And what I can share with you is that we did very clearly warn China about the implications and consequences of going through with providing such support. We will not hesitate, for example, to target Chinese companies or individuals that violate our sanctions or otherwise engage in supporting the Russian war effort. For us, as the host country, this makes the C5+1 format a – relevant to mechanism of regional cooperation. The C5+1 mechanism has established itself as an effective regional diplomatic platform for promoting economic cooperation, security, as well as sustainable development in Central Asia. During the event, a wide range of issues were discussed, including cooperation on food security, combating terrorism, energy, environment, as well as other pressing issues. Returning to the topic of bilateral cooperation, I would like to note that the Secretary of State firmly supports the political and economic reforms initiated by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev aimed at ensuring the democratization and the rule of law. I would like to thank the American side for its intent to further consolidate our bilateral relations. Secretary, you also just answered my first question, but I do have a second one for you regarding the potential Chinese lethal aid assistance to Russia. There have been a number of public statements from you and your – a number of members of President Biden’s cabinet expressing concern about China’s deliberations. Can you elaborate a bit on what the U. and its allies are doing to persuade Beijing away from such a move, and what consequences it could face if it delivers on any such aid? Thank you. FOREIGN MINISTER TILEUBERDI: Yes. I’d like to say that indeed Kazakhstan has very historic ties with both – with Russia and Ukraine. Our economies interconnected for long, long time, and that’s why definitely all this situation is quite heavy for us, for our economy, and we trying to avoid any negative effects from the sanctions. LiveU - Live Video Transmission & Video Streaming Solutions Learn more about LiveU and our live video transmission & video streaming solutions. Beyond that, what I heard very clearly from countries around the world that I’ve been engaged with over the past 10 days, since these concerns have first been raised and shared with many countries, is that this is not only something that would be a serious problem for China and its relationship with us, but a serious problem with its relationship with countries around the world. And let me just add this: China can’t have it both ways when it comes to the Russian aggression in Ukraine. It can’t be putting forward peace proposals on the one hand while actually feeding the flames of the fire that Russia has started with the other hand. So I hope that China will take what we said very seriously – but not only what we said, what many other countries around the world are saying – and refrain from any further consideration of materially supporting Russia in the war effort. Paraguay (W) vs Kazakhstan (W) Live Stream & Results 13 23 hours ago — Learn How to Watch Paraguay (W) vs Kazakhstan (W) Handball Live Stream Online on 13 December 2023 14:30, See Match Results and Teams H2H ... Live Commentary - Kazakhstan vs Finland | 07.09.2023 Foul by Robert Ivanov (Finland). 81' free_kick_won icon. Maksim Samorodov (Kazakhstan) wins a free kick in the defensive half. United Arab Emirates vs Kazakhstan Live Score and ScoreBat is covering United Arab Emirates vs Kazakhstan in real time, providing the live stream and live score of the match, team line-ups, full match stats, ...


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